Monday, January 31, 2005

Dogs 51-60

This fella just wants to know what that noise is. This was the only decent picture I could get of him, as his head kept moving. Small dogs; what can I say?

Actually, as I look at this photo, I notice the way the fur on his legs is arranged kind of makes them appear oddly broken, or at least crooked. Or is that just me?

I'm not totally convinced this specimen is a dog at all, as opposed to some kind of alien robot masquerading as one, and poorly at that. There's too much sad intelligence in that face. Also, what's with the single black spot right in the middle of his back? That's where the alien power source gets plugged in.

THE BLACK ONE: "Hey Lou, you think this guy here's doin' somethin' funny with that camera?"

THE TAN ONE: "I don't know what you're talkin' 'bout, Marty, 'cause I see somethin' fuckin' scary comin' up the road toward us here."

This fella wanted me to untie him and take him into the restaurant with me so bad. I don't know, though; in this picture he looks like he might be part seal. Or skunk.

"Hey, where all you bitches at? It's time to get our game on! I got the ball right here! Where you at? Pansies."

I kind of envy dogs' ability to convert their bone structure into Jello when they get really tired. Doesn't it seem like that'd be more relaxing than anything you could think of? The world is this guy's mattress.

Some dogs just don't need a caption.

This guy has kind of a neurotic look to him, like he's afraid the bike might suddenly come to life and try to run him over. What could he do about it if it did? That's what I thought.

Welsh Corgi! Nothing more need be said! Look at his little, little legs! Talk about a dog you want to scoop up and run away with, as far and as fast as you can.


It seemed kind of sad to me to let this guy out onto the porch so he could see and smell all the people and birds and stuff walk by, but at the same time cage him so he couldn't run after any of 'em. To be fair, he did seem pretty content to just sit there and watch me take this picture.