Monday, January 31, 2005

Dogs 81-90

Allow me to introduce you people to Leo, Provisional King of the Castro (I have no idea where his owner lives, but I took this picture in the Castro, so there you have it).

The last dog I named king of a particular neighborhood also happened to be extremely fluffy. I sort of doubt there's a coincidence there.

Even the King gots to blink.

This fella seems to me like the kind of dog who's lived his whole life with a train-ridin' hobo. There's a kind of weariness to this pose, isn't there? Like if he could talk, he'd say, "Ain't nobody gonna move me away from my trash can, brother. Best just move along, now."

Then again, maybe he's just plain tired.

He's smilin' like he's got the Secret of Life in that little white container, but I looked in there, and it was just water.

I can't tell if this is a Bernese Mountain Dog or a St. Bernard, or if I'm totally off. But does it matter? Look at that face! Who's got Puppy Power? Who? Who?

This guy kept darting around yipping at people, and looking back, I wonder if it might have been possible to pick him up and place him gently inside one of those newspaper boxes you see behind him.

I think this fella expected me to untie him and take him someplace where he could get a biscuit. For some reason he looks like he deserves one, doesn't he?

Sometimes you'll be wandering around, and someone you're walking with will point out to you a thing that you can't possibly imagine living without having seen. This was one of those. Check 'em out! Or rather, look at them checking us out.

Another shot of the same miracle dogs, except only one of them seems to have bothered to keep track of me. I wonder what the other guy was looking at?

Little dog, little dog, tied to a store,
What's that worried look on your face for?
Maybe you just think that you've got too much fur?
I do not agree; you are totally absurd!

I'm not exactly sure what was up with this dude here. What I mean is I don't know what that thing on his face is for. It doesn't really look like a muzzle to me, not that he even needed it -- he was friendly! -- but what's it all about, then? I asked him, but couldn't get a straight answer.

Some alert readers have since told me that this type of leash is supposed to be better for dogs than your standard one -- having it loop around his muzzle like that provides control without you having to yank on his neck or something. Makes sense to me; I've literally never had to consider leash design in my life.

He may be stretching that leash out to its most taut, but there's a weird look of patience in his eyes that I don't see on many dogs. If you accidentally kill this guy's owner or mother or something, I'm washing my hands of you and advising you to change your name and move to another planet.