Thursday, February 03, 2005

Dogs 144-148

I feel like I may have seen this guy before -- my hunch is he's Dog #88 -- but you know what? That's OK. Because maybe the fact that he's out at night means he or his owner are patrolling the streets of the Mission, making it safe.

I think I've found the real-life model for what's-his-name -- Droopy Dog? Dawg? Who remembers who I'm talking about? I mean, it's not an exact match -- I don't see any jowls -- but it's all in the eyes, people.

One possible reason some people like to own bulldogs could be that maybe they think they've got a little miniature Predator on their hands, except this one won't turn invisible and try to make a trophy out of their spinal column. Probably.

The one on the left doesn't appear to be tied to anything; I will bet you a hot tasty sandwich of your choice that he's lying there like that just because the other one is, and he didn't want his pal to feel left out.

Parking lot at the Albertson's on 32nd and Clement. He just stood there with that look on his face while I snapped this picture. I. I don't know. Why do I feel like I did something wrong in a past life and he knows all about it?