Monday, February 21, 2005

Dogs 149-152

I know it looks like the opposite, but the one on the left is actually the one who's tied up. The other one's just kind of rooting around under that bench, free as a bird. I think he's there just to taunt the tied-up one.

The mother of all standoffs. What I need you to imagine here is the pre-duel music from some old, forgotten Western where everybody ends up dead at the end and no one has learned their lesson.

With the colors this dude has on, he almost blends in with the stuff to his left. Look at the tip of his tail! Isn't that great? I wonder if he's part border collie or something.

This is the look of a dog who isn't exactly sure his owner will ever come out of that organic grocery store or whatever-it-is, you know what I'm talking about -- the place on Valencia near Herbivore where I always see homeless-looking Rasta white kids who are maybe trying to figure out how to weave useful fabric out of thrown-out banana peels and their own stringy hair.

Isn't this an interesting stance? He looks like he's trying to hold the sidewalk down with his front paws, as though if he let up for an instant, the section of concrete directly beneath them would shoot ninety feet into the sky atop a geyser of water vapor. He's not going to let that happen, DAMMIT.