Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Dogs 205-209

I kind of like how instead of just lying down or even sitting well inside the comfort of the shade, this guy has to be right up there, on the edge, walking that razor-thin line between light and shadow.

What are you gonna do? Sometimes you just don't want to do anything else but stand on the sidewalk with your buddy and watch the babes go by, man. Life's too short, you know what I'm sayin'? Life's too short.

It's not exactly that words fail me when it comes time to describe this dude. It's more like I can tell immediately that not only does he know what words I'm going to use, he thinks they're utterly trite and meaningless, and moreover, he knows that I know he knows, and OH GOD THE DESPAIR OH GOD

I haven't really got any clue what's going on with the fur on this chief's muzzle there. Maybe that patch is kind of like a color sump that's draining all the pigment from the entire rest of his coat and concentrating it in that weird plus shape for a reason we as humans just weren't meant to understand. That pretty much has to be the answer.

If I told you that someone somewhere right now is probably having a Technicolor X-treme sci-fi action movie dream complete with opening credits and blasting theme music with lasers and cyborgs and exploding spaceships and that dream was called BATTLE DOG, well, that wouldn't really be all that out of the question, now would it? Would it?