Sunday, March 20, 2005

Dogs 161-164

"Play with me. Look at me. Come back out here and play with me. Or look at me. You come right the hell back out here and you play with me or look at me because I am a puppy or something and it is time for you to come back out here. Also I want some answers about this gray blotch on the side of me. What the hell is that all about."

The sheer team-ness of these two tired, tired dogs cannot be overstated. I went walking past them again a little later on, and the one on the right had actually migrated to the road in between the curb and the car's tire. That is how committed to the concept of shade he had become. I didn't think I could even come close to capturing the perfection of that moment, however, and didn't try. So you will have to be content with this earlier moment, stolen from their perfect lazy day. Which is every day for them, come on. REALLY.

I don't know if this guy was really anxious about his caramel macchiato, or if he was just fascinated by that weird quasi-reflection on the door in front of him. What would've answered this would've been to walk into the coffeeshop and try to get a look at his face, but I chose to preserve the mystery. Also I'm pretty sure his eyes would've just been two big ol' black 'n' white swirly things, and that would've been kind of freaky.

Much like the dog who only talks to hobos from my last update, this dude I am pretty sure can talk to ghosts. All I know is if I get killed before my time, I am going to track this guy down so we can have some conversations. And also so he can lead the cops to my killer.