Thursday, March 03, 2005

Dogs 153 - 160

I know it's hard to see 'cause he's all one color, but check out the forlorn look on this dude's face. He doesn't even know what a fashion statement he's making with that red collar, because he's too busy cueing up the most emo album ever made on his mental stereo.

I think he knows that there's nothing on top of that pole and if he only jumps high enough, he can be free forever ... but I'm not positive he cares.

The most frightened-looking little dog I have ever seen in my life, in the driver's seat of a parked car. "What the fuck am I doing in here? I can't drive stick! They know that! I should've never let them make me the getaway driver. Fuck." I should add that on this same street, a few blocks down, there was a parked car with not one but three cats inside it, all stretched out sleeping on various seats. What the hell goes on in the Mission on weekends, you guys?

The funniest thing about these two chiefs wasn't the fact that their barking eventually fogged up that window and made it hard for them to see anything, it was -- ah heh heh -- it was that -- hee hee! Look at the one on the left, he can barely even see out the window! Ah ha ha! It was that on the other side of that room, sitting in the opposite window, was a much bigger dog who just didn't care at all. Oh, man. I didn't get a picture of him, though.

I think if I were ever to become a homeless guy reduced to begging for change on the sidewalk, I'd want a dog like this to hang out with me. He looks like he can secretly talk, but he'll only do it with hobos.

Just looking at this picture, don't you want to put your hands just north of his collar and sort of rub his head with counter-circular motions of your hands? Doesn't that look like it'd be fun?

I've gotta come to the Cole Valley on Sundays more often, because it was dog central all up in there. The little guy's partially obscured, but who cares, because that brown dude is amazing. Isn't he happy-looking? Damn, you can just tell he's probably the dumbest dog you've ever met, but he will never have a bad day in his whole. Damn. LIFE.

Not 30 seconds before I got into position to take the picture you see here, this genius lifted his leg and peed on the pole his leash was tied to. Dig that look on his face, like he's positive he's done the right thing. I wonder how many more walks that leash was good for.