Thursday, August 04, 2005

Dogs 210-214

Do ... do you suppose he stuck his tongue out at the exact second this picture was taken because of a reason?

If he has this look on his face when his people are inside some store somewhere, what do you suppose he'd be like if he ever got lost? Let's hope we never, ever find out.

I like how the universal way you can tell when a dog's getting older is by checking out his muzzle. Like checking for gray hair on a person. Except isn't it kind of odd that as they get older, the whole dog doesn't turn gray? Isn't that sort of what you'd expect, given that they've got hair all over? I just now thought of this. Also, check out the scar on this dude. There's a story there, but you and I aren't going to hear it from him.

He looks like an old Muppet. An old hobo Muppet with secret magical powers. Unfortunately, none of those powers involve having dominion over the wind.

At this distance I can't tell if that's really his actual front leg, or if he's wearing an athletic sock. And don't be telling me dogs don't wear athletic socks. This is San Francisco; maybe that dog's into sock puppetry. Maybe he teaches a class. You don't know, man! You don't know.

All pictures in this update are courtesy of my girlfriend, who was with me when I saw these dudes, yet didn't have my own camera on me.