Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Dogs 223-225

I know he looks totally harmless and everything, but I'm going to come right out and say that these dogs with their totally smooth, absolutely flawless uniform-looking fur kind of freak me out a little. Like they've been upholstered somehow. I don't know. Probably it's just a me thing. I can accept that.

I'm on my way to somewhere in the Mission and I pull up behind this CEO in the back of his truck just kind of surveying the territory. Do dogs understand cars? Did this guy think he had somehow become the master of some huge roaring beast whose only purpose in life was to take him places faster than he could run? That's not far from the truth, but still.

Oh god, oh god oh holy shit. Look at the saddest-looking dude you have ever seen in your life. Look at him! Oh man, little guy! It's okay, I promise it'll be okay, just don't make that face anymore it'll be okay. WHO KNOWS HOW TO GIVE A PERMANENT HUG.

Oh phew. I think we just caught him at a bad moment; maybe that last picture was a trick of the light or something. It's cool now, it's cool. He's just going to wait here and just chillax and we can go about our business. Right on.