Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Dogs 233-236

Had I been going into that store, I basically would not have been able to resist reaching down and patting the top of this guy's head. It looks like that was what his entire body was designed for.

I still don't think pugs are cute, but I'm beginning to understand their appeal: It's like having a little tan smashed-up Yoda living in your house or apartment, except without the levitation and lightsaber skills.

Put there because his owner thought he'd enjoy the partial shade, or to guard that baby jogger carriage? You decide.

Except if you decided the former, you are wrong as hell. Look at those eyes! Those are eyes that will instantly boil every molecule of water in your fat, graceless body within 2.3 milliseconds if you even think about making a suspicious move toward that carriage, buddy.

"What. What? I'm supposed to be here. I'm exactly where you left me, which is more than I can say for that last dude you were with, Chad or Trad or whatever his name was. Look, we're better off; he was taking up too much of my discretionary bacon budget anyway."